The Ethnic Touch

January running too fast, it is my favorite month. February has arrived now. I think it's time to take everything in a positive and be grateful. Indonesia is a country of various cultures. As teenager, I should introduce my country culture. Maybe this is something small, but I think it would be very valuable to this country. I love Indonesia. I am wearing of brocade, wore Tapis as a belt and I use Balinese cloth as a skirt. It all belonged to my mother. I like things that are unique, especially with a touch of culture. One more, my look with a touch of ethnic. Check it out !


I Love January

Hi, everybody ! :)
How are you ? 
Finally, i have a good time to post my look on this blog. Yeah, Finally. Because, many things to do on December. It was really busy month. 
I wanna tell you about 3 special days i've spent on December & January.
First, December 20th 2012 is first birthday of this blog. Happy Birthday !! :))
I know, we both is not really serious to post our look. Because, i think many process to make a post with a good story and good pictures. I hope we can more often to post something on this blog later. Amin.
Second, January 6th 2013 is my 19th birthday. Happy Birthday to me ! 
Third, January 12nd 2013 is my lovely besties birthday ( Ca ). Happy 19th Birthday, Ca ! :*
I hope all our wishes will come true, Amien. 

What do you think about January ?
For me, it is a special month. Because, many unforgettable days happened on January. 
I really really love January. I hope you too. 
Okay, Have a nice January !