Retro Party !

HELLO !  In October ago we attended the photo shoot of unit student activity called Cinematography UNJA. A unit of activity in the field of entertainment consisting of several divisions such as photography, videography, graphic design, talent, and public speaking. We both took the photography division. The photo shoot with the theme is Retro Party and located in an orchid garden. Although yesterday the weather is less friendly but all members stay motivated to follow suit. As the slogan cinema is "Go Action !"
This is our style at retro party yesterday!



Goodbye "Caney-Candy"

 Hi, everybody ! How are you, guys ? We think you all are really-really miss us to post our style. Hahaha! *Hope it's true :) Have you saw the title of this post ? Yeah, goodbye caney-candy. It's not mean we never post anything on this blog. But, we think now is a good time to rename our blog from caney-candy become Adorable House :) WHY ? Because, we think the old name is not match with our ages and we think that the new name is better for us. We both really like that's name.
Okay, start from now we promise you to post more often than before. Do you know ? We miss your comments so much, guys. We guess it's support to make us better than before.
These are our style to say goodbye "caney-candy" Let's enjoy !




Happiness in Summer ♥

Welcome spring / summer ! Sunny afternoon in Summer. Photo shoot at this time very exciting because its taken in outdoors. Sunshine makes a sense to be more spirit and happily. I really enjoy the glow of that time. 
Casual style is perfect choice for this season. I have tried mix and match my favorite stripes tops with shorts. A touch of blue that are happening of this season. I wear it on my hat. This blue hat gives more brighter to this season. 

Just a candid photo ;)

Photos taken by Reza
Edited by me ( Ca )


I Remember You ♥

This is my old dress when i was in senior high school (now i’m in college). I like this dress because it’s simple item. So, i can mix & match it with many another fashion item, example : My patterned sweater. Did you know ? This dress remind me everything about my friends in Senior High School. I really really miss that moment. That was very beautiful time & i never forget it. May i cry for a minute ? :’(
I also wear my sister’s clutch. It’s black and has rope. It makes my look more interest. And about my high heels, Heels is not my favorite choice to wear. But, this one is right choice. It’s look good on my foot. However, it’s not mine. It’s my sister’s heels.
I guess i feel more comfortable if photoshoot do at outdoor because it make me feel so free to do many pose. This photoshoot located in my sister’s home. I really love this spot. I like the sky and the clouds. Really unforgettable photoshoot !
It’s quote from my favorite fashion bloggers. She is Heidy Kalalo. J


Trendy with Denim ♥

Hi guys ! Did you know? Denim is one of everlasting fashion item and everyone loves it. 
So I wanna try mix and match it with my black midi dress and vintage shoes.
And I did it perfectly! Right ? :)
I love this style, so simple and gorgeous ♥
Hei look at my necklace! It made by Ney, she's so creative. Do you think so?
By the way, thank you for the sweet necklace ;) 



heii this pict edited by Reza :)

edited by Reza :)

i love this out fit !  

Vest-Midi dress-Necklace (handmade)-Shock-Vintage shoes. So simple, nice! yeah? :)

Photos taken by Ein and Reza
edited by me (Ca)

Black Meets Silver ♥

It's a beautiful day for me because i can post on this blog again :) Do you miss me, guys ? LOL
Look at my dress. This mini dress made me so classic, I love thats printed so much. It's so unique and chic for me. Do you think so, guys ?
And the very interesting part of this photoshoot is i wore statement necklace that made by myself. 
I feel so confused to find best pose in this photoshoot. So, i would say sorry if my pose is not to good :'(
And about my high heels I dont love its so much because i'm not comfort with this shoes. But, its look good on my foot. Beauty is pain, right? XOXO
♥ Ney ♥

This statement necklace is made by myself :)

Photos taken by Ein and Reza