Trendy with Denim ♥

Hi guys ! Did you know? Denim is one of everlasting fashion item and everyone loves it. 
So I wanna try mix and match it with my black midi dress and vintage shoes.
And I did it perfectly! Right ? :)
I love this style, so simple and gorgeous ♥
Hei look at my necklace! It made by Ney, she's so creative. Do you think so?
By the way, thank you for the sweet necklace ;) 



heii this pict edited by Reza :)

edited by Reza :)

i love this out fit !  

Vest-Midi dress-Necklace (handmade)-Shock-Vintage shoes. So simple, nice! yeah? :)

Photos taken by Ein and Reza
edited by me (Ca)

Black Meets Silver ♥

It's a beautiful day for me because i can post on this blog again :) Do you miss me, guys ? LOL
Look at my dress. This mini dress made me so classic, I love thats printed so much. It's so unique and chic for me. Do you think so, guys ?
And the very interesting part of this photoshoot is i wore statement necklace that made by myself. 
I feel so confused to find best pose in this photoshoot. So, i would say sorry if my pose is not to good :'(
And about my high heels I dont love its so much because i'm not comfort with this shoes. But, its look good on my foot. Beauty is pain, right? XOXO
♥ Ney ♥

This statement necklace is made by myself :)

Photos taken by Ein and Reza

Some Photos You Must Check Out! ♥

It's just a loooooooooong time for us to update this blog. Because many things that made us so busy and finally we don't have a right time to do photo session. Such as examination, new schedule of college, etc.  And we're so happy when we find this beautiful time ♥
We want you to know who are smart photographer of our photoshoot.
here they are .... :)

Ein with her lovely camera :)

One more new photographer is  Reza :)

Ney with Ein

Ca with Ein

Caney-Candy ♥

Just a candid photo :)