Black Meets Silver ♥

It's a beautiful day for me because i can post on this blog again :) Do you miss me, guys ? LOL
Look at my dress. This mini dress made me so classic, I love thats printed so much. It's so unique and chic for me. Do you think so, guys ?
And the very interesting part of this photoshoot is i wore statement necklace that made by myself. 
I feel so confused to find best pose in this photoshoot. So, i would say sorry if my pose is not to good :'(
And about my high heels I dont love its so much because i'm not comfort with this shoes. But, its look good on my foot. Beauty is pain, right? XOXO
♥ Ney ♥

This statement necklace is made by myself :)

Photos taken by Ein and Reza


  1. I'm not a photomodel but I got eyes to see everything. Just wanna say your right hand (on 3rd, 4th, 5th photo) looks stiff. Just an advice for ur next photoshoot, and I suggest you to watch such America's Next Top Model tv program bcuz it will give you so much creativity and wide learning about being a good model. keep expressing ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ya terima kasih Andi Nur Asyifa Baso, kami disini belajar dari yang
      tidak bisa harus menjadi bisa. Kami berusaha untuk lebih baik setiap
      I know your comment although you've been REMOVED that :p


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